In 1985, a young man named Yiannis, better known as John Kokkinis, left the beautiful island of Crete, and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada.

John came from a large family, where all the boys grew up working in the construction business. When he moved to Vancouver, he took an apprenticeship with one of the city’s finest Italian marble and granite master-craftsmen. Under this man’s guidance, John learned the tricks of the trade, and grew to have a love and genuine talent for his work.

When the Italian master retired John decided to go independent and started up his own company. During that time, he met his wife Dessi, a Vancouver-born Greek gal. As fate would have it, the happy couple married and later created the family business J&D Stoneworks. (Hence, the initials J and D)!

The same passion and temperament that goes into a hot- blooded Greek union can be found in John’s expressions of workmanship. Everything he creates with marble, granite or travertine, whether it is custom work for a client’s kitchen or bath, stone tiles, (he even has an original way of putting in tiles)! Or self inspired stone furniture, stairs, and fireplaces, B.B.Q.’s, swimming pools, saunas, even columns! All are considered works of art. Literally, anything this company creates is uniquely original, practical, and well, almost perfect…

J & D Stoneworks – where every stone goes from “raw to refined”.

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