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    Simply follow the steps below to get started on a project estimate. Fill in only the relevant sections.

    1. Measure your project

    Use the guide drawings below to measure your project in inches.


    A1: in.
    A2: in.
    A3: in.


    B1: in.
    B2: in.
    B3: in.



    C1: in.
    C2: in.
    C3: in.

    Island Top Rectangle

    D1: in.
    D2: in.

    Island Top L-Shape

    E1: in.
    E2: in.


    Provide the total square feet
    from your own calculations.
    sq. in.

    2. Select Colour Preference

    Check out our materials pages (this link will open in a separate window) and pick one or more options.

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